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WE ARE PRESENTING OUR OFFER of modular flats that allow you to create buildings in three configurations: BASIC, COMPACT, MULTI, consisting of 4, 8 and 16 units, respectively one-story residential units.

Modules can create residential buildings up to four floors, additionally equipped with a passenger lift.

The foundation of the modules was designed on footings or foundation slabs with the possibility of adaptation to local ground conditions.

In addition, the buildings can be equipped with a photovoltaic installation adapted to local conditions, with the power depending on the exposure of the roof of the building and the size of the facility.

The modules will be implemented in various finishing standards and façade colors.

Each of the designed modules consists of a residential unit with an area of ​​approximately 32m2. The structure of the module allows the arrangement of the residential unit in various configurations tailored to the user's needs.

In the standard arrangement, the residential unit consists of a spacious living room with a kitchenette, a living room, a fully equipped bathroom and an auxiliary room. The residential units will be implemented in various finishing options and equipment.

Optionally, each of the premises can be equipped with the following installation and interior design elements: air conditioning, external window blinds, signage for the blind and visually impaired, alarm and CCTV.