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About us

About us

VALLOR S.A. produces and delivers a wide range of products dedicated to all categories of shops, warehouses, hotels, dormitories, restaurants, shopping centers, offices and petrol stations. We offer shelving systems for shops and warehouses, furniture for dedicated stalls, checkout barriers, high storage shelving systems, shopping carts, products made of wire, bumpers, shopping cart shelters as well as illuminated advertisements, logotypes, pylons, 3D lettering, merchandising elements, graphic design and printouts. This wide scope of services allows us to comprehensively carry through our Clients’ individual orders.

During the process of production we utilize modern processing technologies of various materials (metals, wood, glass, plastic), therefore we work barrier-free and we are able to carry out sophisticated and demanding projects while ensuring highest quality.

VALLOR S.A. headquarters in Toruń

Our cooperation with the client consists of few stages. First, we recognize their needs, prepare an individual project that we present to the client and after their approval we produce, deliver, and professionally assemble the product, providing warranty and post-warranty service. Our goal is to bring our Clients’ visions into life and deliver turnkey solutions.

Our resources and expertise make us a global company. Through branch offices and representatives we are present in countries such as: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Spain, French, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We are ceaselessly working on improving our products, looking for new, innovative solutions. We implement new technologies and machines. We cooperate with renowned and verified material suppliers from all around the world.

We offer solutions based on modern design and high-quality materials. We are partnered with the best suppliers of materials and accessories in the world. We carry out the most demanding architectural projects.