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For whom

For whom

  • Shops


    Shopping centres

    Products offered by us cover full furnishing for most types of shops. This includes indoor and outdoor signing.
  • Hotels



    We have been designing, producing, delivering and assembling equipment for hotel industry and dormitories for many years. This results in extensive experience which we gladly share to support designers.

  • Petrol stations

    Petrol stations

    It is a huge and responsible challenge to construct a 30-metre pole on which we hang a head with a petrol station logotype. We produce external visualization for petrol station buildings such as strips, price pylons as well as furniture and indoor and outdoor furnishing.

  • Offices



    We listen to client’s expectations while designing and producing furniture for offices, restaurants or pubs and we always present propositions based on cutting-edge solutions, design and materials.

  • Pharmacies


    Pharmacies are distinctive commercial facilities. During the process of design and production for pharmacy furnishing we utilise a whole spectrum of various materials and divergent solutions.